Tales of Outdoor Calamity - Tale 4

Tales of Outdoor Calamity - Tale 4

Went to Southern Utah with this crazy dude. We hit the shotgun range to shoot some clays and train my dog a bit  Next thing I know he has dropped his shorts, wearing nothing but a flag and MY hat.** He calls it "shock and awe." Obviously the dog will follow anyone with a shotgun.

Update: November 2022 - I understand his disc golf buddies helped him "accessorize" with an American flag cowboy hat and an American flag fanny pack.

Other than this image forever burned into my brain, no major calamities to report.  We did a bunch of slot canyon hikes. My first time in slot canyons and it was great.  I started out not confident at all, but after the first canyon, I was sure I could handle harder hikes and I did.  I ended up doing an unexpected split while climbing over one obstacle and sprained my knee. I got kicked out of a national park for having my dog, while on a hike by a very nice Ranger. He let me off with a warning. I honestly didn't know we were in the park. I must be on a roll.

** Tale 4.5:  That hat is known as my $300 cowboy hat. The hat cost $30 but I was fishing on a buddy's raft when it got blown off my head by a strong gust. I dove in after it, so it cost me an additional $270 for the drowned cell phone in my pocket!

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