New version of the No Brainer Net Retainer in development.

New version of the No Brainer Net Retainer in development.

For those who purchased one or more, thank you and congratulations.  You own the finest fly fishing net retainer ever developed.  We still stand behind our product 100%.  If anything ever goes wrong, contact us and we will make it right.

Now for an exciting update.  We have completed our prototypes for the next version.  We are very excited about this one.  Based on feedback, some people expressed interest in this net retainer, but one that does not need to be permanently mounted, so that is exactly what we designed.  We hope to be in full production this spring.

I wanted to brag a bit about my incredible design team.  They are Tyler and Jared, two brilliant 17 year old students from Wasatch High School, here in Utah.  They are part of the school's CAPS program in the Engineering and Industrial Design section.  If you have never heard of CAPS, you should take the time to learn a bit about it.  CAPS is the Center for Advanced Professional Studies and it is currently expanding to high schools around the nation. CAPS is a partnership between Wasatch High School students, local business, and industry mentors. CAPS students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills by working in collaborative groups to complete real-world projects while being mentored by industry partners.

Getting involved in Wasatch CAPS was an incredible learning experience for us as well as our student partners.  These are not ordinary students, they are student professionals.  Jared and Tyler treated this project in a very professional and serious manner.  I would be willing to compare their work with any professional product designer.  I would urge anyone to take a look for a CAPS program and consider supporting the program as a donor, mentor or industry partner.

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